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Monday, 4 September 2017


How are we into the month of September already? We are the first few days into a new month, better late than never – here are last month’s game changers.

1.     Post Truth by Matthew d’Ancona

I started reading this book near the end of August therefore I am still reading it. British journalist Matthew d’Ancona analyses the current era we live in which he refers to as the ‘post truth era.’ He focuses on how most of today’s news worthy subject matters is heavily based on feelings rather than facts. Interesting read so far.

2.     Earrings by Espirit Afrik

Everyone has a forgotten buy right? I bought these earrings at a fair in Dakar, Senegal last year. But I only re-discovered them a couple of days ago. I love all the techniques used to create this gem. Check out her Facebook page.

3.     Glow by Topshop

This little pot here is the bomb! – and I’m not even a make up fanatic! I love how you can rub the slightest bit of glow on your eyelids or cheekbones as a highlight and it does exactly that. No false advertisement here! I prefer to use it as eye shadow.

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