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Sunday, 28 January 2018


I’m going to wrap up my Ghana travels with this post, sharing these cool brands I came across during the trip. Enjoy!

I first discovered the vibrant head bands by The African Accent at The Shop Accra. The beauty of this platform created by Michelle Konadu is that they offer culture and connection authentically through their variety of fashion and home decor items.

Hanahana beauty create handcrafted products of shea butter in different forms. What I like about them is the process and documentation of the source and production by the women of Tamale. Do not miss out on the giveaway which is a set of 3 Hannahana beauty products.

3. A.A.K.S

I absolutely adore these woven bags! I first saw them on Instagram (the place where I find most things for the first time). A.A.K.S founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi has successfully portrayed the brands identity and quality. I feel like I know the whole process of the bags just by the skilfull documentation on their Instagram account. 

4. Jewellery by Awuyé Eli

Awuyé Eli designs a range of jewellery infused with influences such as andinkra symbols and the diaspora, I love the rings in particular! Check out more of his work here.

I bought the Nokware black soap when I was in Ghana. Nokware means ‘truth’ in the Twi, the national language spoken in Ghana. This product contains solely organic ingredients and is handcrafted in Ghana. Not only do I love the soap but I love the calabash packaging! It’s the perfect gift for a friend.

Images from various sources.

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018


I've been reading a lot on self care recently, I think the older I've become the more in tune and attention I pay to my well being. I no longer sweat the small stuff and I believe my previous travel experiences are responsible partly for this way of thinking. There are now multiple products to choose from in order to enhance our self care routine whether that be via beauty or meditation field. However, travel is the all in one package deal for me. I have found when I travel I am able to evaluate life from an outside looking in perspective. 

As you travel you are continiously learning about yourself, what you can and can't tolerate, what to prioritise and what is actually worth complaining about. Gratitude is something that has grown within me since I've started exploring different countries. For example, ever since I experienced the NYC subway I've stuck to my word to never utter a bad word about TFL again - Why? Because I have experienced worst modes of transport. Traveling allows you to make these comparisons, to escape and reflect, which is why I believe it is the ultimate act of self care as you are taking care of many aspects of yourself at one time. All of these thoughts usually come to play regardless of the destination. 


What I enjoy the most about travelling other than the inspiration, food and heat which is then the outcome of glowing skin, is the escapism aspect. The escape from routine, escape from the ordinary into the unexpected. Leaving what is familiar for an awaiting new adventure where there is a high chance of exploring or learning something new. As I think of next destination I found how to plan your 2018 travels by MovewithDoyin where she shares some great cost effective travel tips.

Self Reflection

A change of scenery always helps during self reflection. Whether you are at home, abroad or in a new town, I believe everyone should make time for self reflection. Reflection gives th brain the opportunity to both gather thoughts and pause amidst the noise. For some reason I find this a much easier task to do when I'm away, I guess being away from a situation allows you to analyse, process and plan the next actions. Its your time to be honest with your self and ask the questions you need the answers to. The power of self reflection is a good template to go by.

Location: Cape Coast, Ghana

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018


The rules of the giveaway are below!

I've partnered up with hanahana beauty in a giveaway competition. Hanahana beauty by Abena Boamah create handcrafted products rooted in self love and wellness. I'm currently half way through my hanahana beauty jar of shea butter wishing I had bought some more before leaving Ghana.

Unfortunately I can't enter my own competition. More about the brand here. I'm giving away this set of 3 which includes Hana Hana beauty Shea Butter, body scrub and lip balm.

Competition rules via Instagram

1. Follow @yasmin_tells account
2. Follow @hanahana_beauty account
3.Tag a friend in the comments section.

That's it :)

Good Luck!

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on 31st January!

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Monday, 15 January 2018


Here are just a few of the places you can visit in Ghana, some I visited others I would have liked to. Enjoy the post!


I first discovered Krokobite beach on Instagram as I was gathering information before the trip of where I must visit. Krokobite beach is on the Ghana coastal Plain, a calmer beach located outside Accra. It was not very busy when I visited. As you approach the entrance of Krokobite, you are surrounding by a few food and beverage shacks to choose from, I wish I could review them for you but I was just fine with the fresh coconut water the men sell.

How to get there:

From Accra, the journey will take approximately and hour.

It was not far at all from Kasoa, I think we spent 25 minutes in the tro-tros.

A reference point to use is ‘West Hills Shopping Mall’. A taxi ride from the Mall should not take any longer than 20 minutes costing 15ghc.


Cape Coast is a three hour journey from Accra, one of the main attractions in this area is the Cape Coast Castle which was used as the last stop to hold slaves before crossing the atlantic ocean. Cape Coast also has other forts such as William Fort and historical building Wesley Methodist Cathedral.

The fishermen of Cape Coast
Cape Castle

I only spent half a day in Aburi and most of that time was spent at the Aburi Botantical Gardens. The mountains views reminded me of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Somewhere I wish I went to during my time in Aburi is the woodcarving village. The current wood carving industry in Ghana, originated from an age-old traditional practice. Aburi has one of the finest woods markets in Africa with the main source of material is derived from natural forests.

Aburi Botanical Gardens
Aburi Botanical Gardens

Elmina is the neighbouring region to Cape Coast, most people visit both areas to view the castles. For more information on what to do in Elmina have a look at the previous post.


 Located in the central region of Kakum is a national rainforest with a canopy walkway. A must do if you visit Ghana.


If you enjoy scenic settings then Volta is for you! Volta Region is located at the eastern part of Ghana, sharing its eastern boundary with the Republic of Togo. Volta is also dominated by the River Volta and Lake Volta. I will be visiting Volta on the next trip to Ghana, whenever that is.


As you can imagine there is a lot to do in the capital city, my favourite nights were spent at Republic bar and grill. The area Osu which had great interval stop places such as Tea Baa and The Shop Accra where you can buy refreshments. I also enjoyed a trip to Makola Market, the market you can and most definitely find anything and everything you were looking for.

Oxford St, Osu - Accra

Chez Clarisse in Osu, Accra - Ivorian Restaurant

Ada Foah is a coastal town famous for its water sports such as sailing, swimming and cruises alongside fishing. Along the river shore are holiday chalets.


Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti Region, also known for the influence of Ashanti culture. There are plenty of avenues to explore in Kumasi, from the not to mention the Akwasidae Festival where the Ashanti people and chiefs remember previous kings. The festival is celebrated on a Sunday, once every six weeks. 


 Bojo Beach is situated at the delta of the Densu River and the Atlantic Ocean next to a fishing village. The premises also has the Bojo beach hotel accommodation alongside a bar and accessing the beach requires a boat ride across the Densu River. Outside food and beverages are not permitted. Entry free 15ghc.

Delta River

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