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Thursday, 4 January 2018


Kasoa, Ghana 2017 by Georgia Sesi

Kasoa formerly known, as Odupongkpehe is part of the central region of Ghana now considered ‘Greater Accra’ (regions surrounding the capital city, Accra). This was our base as my friend and I were staying at her dad’s in Kasoa where he kindly let his daughter and three other strangers takeover Christmas at his home! From what I know there is not a traditional dish eaten at Christmas by Ghanaians over the Christmas period. Our original plan was to do a hybrid of both West meets West’ dishes however we chose a few Ghanaian staples and realized that was more than enough for us all.

I spent Christmas with three friends in Kasoa, Ghana. Two friends from the UK and one we’ve met along the way during the holiday. Very different circumstances to an average Christmas Day, when I say average I mean the traditional Christmas spent at home. I will usually spend it in Sierra Leone with family. I guess what was different about this year is that I was in a country I had not visited before and I was not with family however this was not an issue as we enjoyed the day alongside our Ghanaian Christmas feast we prepped together.

This was my first time preparing any kind of Ghanaian food, although I believe the basic ingredients and prep is pretty much across the board with West African dishes – I call it GOSS (Garlic, Onions, Scotch Bonnet Pepper and Seasonings). We made Red Red, Plantains and Fish alongside our chicken spinach stew. All ingredients were bought the day before at the local market. Dessert was a medley of Ghana’s finest fruits, a fruit salad containing mostly Pineapples and Papaya, which went down nicely as a treat after our walk around the town! 

Here are some pics of the day itself, enjoy!

Kasoa Un-cut

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