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Monday, 19 February 2018


Often times whether it is consciously or sub consciously, we seek validation from others. But the truth is we can only seek validation from ourselves. No one else will ever know how much an opportunity means to you other than you. That is all the more reason to stop being your own worst critic and more reason to believe in yourself. I’ve listed a few tips below to follow in order to be your biggest cheerleader. I hope you find them useful.

Find your anthem!

I am yet to meet someone who is not a fan of music. Find the song that defines you, uplifts you and most of all overall makes you feel good and stands for something you believe in. Play it in the morning, in the car or include it in your gym playlist. Whenever or wherever, use the song as a motivator. My anthem is this tune right here. I have a few anthems now that I have thought about it..

Silence the noise.

When we seek advice it will usually involve asking somebody that we know well or someone who you can more or less predict what the advice would be. An encrypted format that really means ‘I know what to do but I would feel more certain with the confirmation of someone else’. Although everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, it is usually advice to take into consideration.  Trust your instincts always.

Speak it into existence.

I have not yet got my head around the many ‘Law of attraction’ readings on the world wide web, but from what I understand from ‘speaking it into existence’ is that it is one of the main elements of LoA that reflects the cheesy yet famous saying ‘you’ve got to believe it to achieve it’. Speak about the things you would like to achieve that should prompt you to act on it.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

I created a post with this title a while ago; fear is associated with the unknown. Doing what you have not done before. As fearful as the challenge ahead can be, the best way to deal with it is to embrace that fear and champion on. You usually come out the other side if not fearless, less fearful.

Imagery Location: Aburi Botanical Gardens, Ghana

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