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Friday, 15 February 2019

Y SQUARE POD: S01E02 Valentine's Day & #Demsay

The second episode of Y Square Podcast is live via Soundcloud 'S01E02 Valentine's Day & #Demsay'. In this episode we discuss a few Sierra Leonean myths and misconceptions alongside this week's occasion, Valentine's Day. In Krio, the language spoken in Freetown, Sierra Leone "Dem Say" translated into English means "So they say" it also fits the saying "I heard through the grapevine" AKA, gossip! We go through a number of conventional and traditional myths that have been told throughout society and many generations. In this episode we also introduce the structure of the show from now on, where we will always open with an interesting fact about Sierra Leone and close with an African Proverb. But enough about the content, have a listen for yourselves and join the conversation! What myths/ "Dem Say" is said in you community/country?

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