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Monday, 3 June 2019

Y SQUARE POD: S02E03 – Humble & Honest (The Game Episode)

In the most recent episode of Y Square Podcast ‘Humble and Honest’, the duo start this episode with a game, comparing words of the same meaning that are said in both American and British English. They also go over the words that are in Krio (the national language spoken in Sierra Leone) but not necessarily derived from Krio however the borrowed words from other languages such as Twi, French and many more. Yasmin and Mina discuss the impact of colonial and African languages within social settings such as the home and school etc. They also share their goals and affirmations for the month of June alongside the show’s features: an interesting fact about Sierra Leone and a language quote from Nelson Mandela. The matter of food is also briefly touched on, but I guess you will have to listen to find out more and most importantly what country prepares the best Jollof rice. Enjoy this episode!

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Photo by Dominque Fofanah

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